Model Performance Management

Protect The Impact of Your Models

We Build Software to Detect Data Drift and Concept Drift and to Predict Performance of Models in Production even in the Absence of Ground Truth
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NannyML will Keep an Eye on Your AI models

Monitor your AI algorithms and automatically get alerted when changes in your data are detected.

Gain complete visibility

Track the technical performance and business impact of your AI models in production to gain complete visibility on your deployed AI systems.


Receive automated alerts

Detect changes in data and receive auto mated alerts of related underlying data issues to en sure your AI systems keep providing value.


Gain a competitive edge

By analysing the decisions that your AI models take NannyML can generate additional business insights that give you a competitive edge.

Keeping your ML models profitable

NannyML, the interface between business and ML

  • Track KPIs that matter
  • Monitor technical metrics
  • Get automated alerts
  • Understand why performance is changing
  • Receive tailored advice to address the issues

Start trusting your ML with NannyML. No ground truth data needed.

Why do models fail silently?

In this whitepaper we’ll take a deep dive into concepts such as data drift, concept drift and model performance.

Learn why models will silently fail in production and monitoring them is essential.
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