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NannyML on AWS Marketplace

The power of NannyML on your favourite ML platform.


No dependency issues

No need to download software, install dependencies, or configure settings manually.


Hassle free deployment

Leverage Sagemaker to automatically deploy the monitoring solution.


Run next to your data

Load datasets stored in Amazon S3 or other AWS data stores without needing separate connectors or data transfer tools.

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Available algorithms

Performance Estimation

Performance estimation allows you to estimate performance metrics (ROC-AUC, F1, RMSE, etc) without ground truth. Giving you a single metric to monitor, optimize and communicate about your models in production.

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Concept Drift Detection

NannyML's most powerful algorithm yet.
The concept drift detection algorithm allows you to measure the impact of concept drift on your model's performance.

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Configure once. Monitor all the time.

Built on top Open Source nannyML.
NannyML Cloud solves all the infrastructure nuances. And brings extra capabilities to the table.


Effortless observability

Know the performance of your ML models 24/7. NannyML estimates the performance of your ML models. Even if the ground truth is delayed or absent.


Concept drift detection

Tie the performance of your model to monetary or business oriented outcomes. So that you always know what your ML brings to the table.


Deployed in your cloud. Safe and Secure.

Traditional ML monitoring tend to overwhelm teams with many false alarms. By focusing on what matters NannyML alerts are always meaningful.

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